Adventures in Iguana rescue

This is a panoramic view of the room. Starting off to the left, we  have a aloe vera plant next to the potty area. Larger photo of potty below left. From the potty, thy can go up or down, leading up goes to a couple of areas including their large basking area. Right now we have 2 ReptiPowerSun 160's. We also have 3 4ft fluorescent fixtures for the plants along with 2 humidifiers. Up on the top shelf there is a heating pad underneath the carpet layer we have. The bridge is made out of bamboo. In the corner, we have a very large spider plant and 3 hibiscus trees along with the remains of my fichus tree that died (the frost ate it!). We will be adding more lighting when we move more of the kids in. Right now it is just Abe who is the lucky inhabitant. The other kids revolted and moved back into their old enclosure, I guess old habits die hard!  

The "Ig Room"  

House Of Ig