Adventures in Iguana rescue

House Of Ig

Pangea -                                                               616-970-4083    

  Supplier for all things reptile! We have been lucky enough to deal with these guys for about a year now, they are good folks!

Our partners

Over the course of our adventures, we have come across several outstanding people that have helped to educate, care, and help in caring for our
"kids". I can't thank these folks enough for all of the knowledge they have shared with us to get us this far!

Friends of scales reptile rescue -                   847-867-0936    

  A 501(c)3 non-profit Illinois based reptile, amphibian & invertebrate rescue. If you know someone that needs help with one of these wonderful creatures, give these guys a call! 

Dr. Susan Horton - Chicago exotics  -             847-329-8709

I was introduced to Dr. Horton by Dr. Obrien. She is a wonderful surgeon and if you are nearer to Chicago and can't make the drive to the suburbs, see Dr. Horton. Bunnies welcome!

Dr. Eileen O'Brien - Dundee Animal Hospital  - 847-428-6114

I can't say enough about Dr. Obrien! She has helped us learn so much over the past 9 years it is mind blowing! If you are in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, she would be your best bet for iguana/reptile care, but also takes birds, and the furry critters. No bunnies please!